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IT Professional Indemnity & Liability Insurance Policies

IT Professionals can be liable for a mistake or failure that causes a third party to suffer a financial loss, such as:

  • Loss of data
  • Business interruption
  • Data migration difficulties
  • Inadequate hardware or software support
  • Injury caused by faulty hardware or software
  • Physical loss of equipment
  • Incompatible, inappropriate or ineffective hardware or software

Insurance Protection for IT Professionals is available under a combined Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability Insurance policy.  This policy can provide coverage for claims arising from failure of the insured products, services and/or advice and includes infringement of copyright, trademark, registered design, or any other plagiarism, libel, or slander. It also covers breach of confidentiality and privacy.

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IT Professionals with turnover up to $5million can compare Professional Indemnity and Liability Insurance quotes from a range of insurance companies and buy online. 

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Larger businesses with an annual turnover in excess of $5million or those working in high-risk industry sectors (e.g. oil, gas, nuclear, etc) are also accommodated via our online quote request where we aim to achieve a 48 hour quote turnaround. This option asks a few more questions and enables us to prepare a quotation that suits your specific insurance requirements. 

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