Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber Risk & Data Protection Insurance Policies

Designed to protect first party and third party cyber exposures that arise when a company’s data and customer information is breached or stolen, Cyber Risk Insurance is becoming increasingly vital in today’s online world.

Companies with access to private, confidential information about their customers have a responsibility to keep it secure. Equally, companies who have a web presence or a dependency on technology have emerging content and online transactions exposures that can leave them open to cyber risk.

The most comprehensive cover is an individual policy that is designed to commonly cover:

 First Party Claims
Cover includes your own costs associated with credit monitoring, cyber extortion, data restoration, forensic consultant, breach notifications, public relations and legal representation expenses.

Business Interruption
Covers claims arising from reimbursement for lost profits and necessary expenses incurred to maintain business operations.

Third party claims
Covers costs relating to claims for compensation, investigations, fines and penalties (new privacy act), defence costs and legal representation expenses.

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  • Are you Domiciled in Australia?
  • Do you use operating systems with embedded firewalls and anti-virus protection software (such as Windows or MAC OS X), or run commercially licensed separate firewall or anti-virus protection software?
  • Are all mobile devices (such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and memory sticks) password protected?
  • Are you compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards?
  • Do you process, transmit or store LESS than 1,000,000 financial transactions per individual?
  • Do you outsource any part of your network, including storage?
  • Is more than 25% of your revenue derived from the USA or Canada?
  • Do you wish to have cover for Social Engineering, Phishing & Cyber Fraud?
  • If yes, are all requests to alter supplier and customer details including bank account details, independently verified with a known contact for authenticity?
  • Do you ensure that at least two members of staff authorise any transfer of funds, signing of cheques (above $10,000) and the issuance of instructions for the disbursement of assets, funds or investments?
  • Are you aware of any matter that is reasonably likely to give rise to any loss or claim?
  • Have you suffered any loss or any claim including but not limited to a regulatory, governmental or administrative action brought against you?
  • Had any investigation or information request concerning any handling of personally identifiable information?

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