Transport Insurance

Prime Movers, Trucks, Trailers Insurance Policies

Transport insurance policies provide protection for most types of trucks and trailers in the transport industry. These include:

Truck Insurance

  • Prime Mover (articulated vehicles) 
  • Rigid Truck (comprises of one complete chassis, not articulated) 

Trailer Insurance

  • Flap Top Trailer 
  • Dry Freight Van 
  • Refrigerated Van 
  • Tanker 
  • Tautliner 
  • Low Loader Trailer 
  • Drop Frame Trailer
  • Skeletal Trailer 
  • Dog Trailer
  • Pig Trailer 
  • Dog/Super Dog Tipping Trailer 

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Related Insurance Products

An Overview Of Common Policy Features

Material Damage

Covers your vehicle/s against loss or damage and/or third party property damage, material damage, sudden and unexpected physical damage or destruction of a truck or trailer (including fire, theft, malicious damage).

Road Risk Liability

Third party liability for personal injury and/or property damage of a registered vehicle.(This can also extend to road vehicles with temporary road permits, if agreed with the insurer.

Other Policy Feature

You also should consider the policy features and benefits, as these vary from insurer to insurer and some are not automatically covered or have a sub-limit. These include but are not limited to:

  • Accessories and tools (that haven’t been notified)
  • Repatriation of vehicle sub limit
  • Towing costs sub limit
  • Removal of debris sub limit
  • Driver restrictions and limitations (e.g. limited to drivers over 25 yrs)
  • Radius restrictions (e.g. 250kms)
  • Hazardous goods limitation or exclusion
  • Additions/deletions of new trucks/trailers during the policy period